An Overview of the Jungle Gorilla

In the nature-themed slot Jungle Gorilla, created by Pragmatic Play, players go on a wildlife-watching excursion. Nobody in this area has to second-guess themselves on who the protagonist is. The terrifying (yet smiling) gorilla has appeared in several games by now.

Visually, it’s obvious that the designers were influenced by NetEnt’s critically acclaimed slot machine Jungle Spirit. The name, “Jungle Gorilla,” is a nod to the original NetEnt slot machine. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. However, after just a few spins, the two machines begin to behave very differently from one another. Jungle Gorilla is far more simplistic than its competitors because it relies on a single mechanic for player engagement.

Playable from 20 p/c to $/€100 per play, Pragmatic Play has put Jungle Gorilla up utilizing 5 reels and 3 rows, intersected by 20 fixed paylines. The game takes place in a beautiful rain forest, complete with ancient ruins, flying butterflies, and falling leaves. The music is wonderful as well, consisting of a calming African synth track with jungle elements. Those who are spiritually attuned could utilize it as a form of meditation to help them unwind and absorb good energy from the cosmos. It looks like it would fit right in at a crystal shop.

Pragmatic Play’s typical high standard of transparency means that participants may see the volatility of the game before they commit to it. With a 3/5 star rating, Jungle Gorilla is in the middle of the pack, and at 96.57% for the default RTP, there are few reasons to complain.

There are 10 base game symbols that can award payouts, a golden gorilla scatter symbol, and a wild card. Stone J through A icons covered in ivy serve as the first set of payout symbols, followed by animals including chameleons, parrots, elephants, tigers, and gorillas. The paylines in this game are quite low because of the game’s reliance on multipliers. The premiums for the chameleons are 1.5x, the iguanas are 2.5x, the gorillas are 4.5x, and the lions are 5x. In addition, a wild card is provided that can be used in place of any symbol other than the scatter. Let’s check it out because the game’s feature gives it an extra push.

The Characteristics of a Jungle Gorilla

It seems like we’ve been saying this a lot lately, but Jungle Gorilla doesn’t have a lot of content. Actually, you can count on one hand the number of games that Pragmatic Play hasn’t bothered to mention. Call it the multiplying wild card. The procedure is as follows:

A multiplier bar, starting with x1, appears above the reels. Whenever one of the golden gorilla scatter symbols lands, it flips upwards, raising its respective reel multiplier by +1. These multipliers don’t climb forever though; each one is capped at x5 – even if a ton of gorilla scatters arrive before it is used.

When a wild contributes to a win, the reel multiplier associated with that symbol is applied. In the event that multiple wild multipliers appear on a single winning payline, all of their values will be multiplied together. When a win is given, the reel multipliers are reset to 1. When going to a new bet level, the multipliers reset to x1, but your progress will be preserved.

Judgment on the Jungle Gorilla

When I started playing Jungle Gorilla, I was taken back to some of the older slots. After a few rounds, I was reminded of another slot machine by NetEnt: Gorilla Kingdom. It’s mostly because of the Harambe lookalike in charge, of course. The scattered Gorillas in Jungle Gorilla are also evocative of the bonus game in Gorilla Kingdom. However, the similarities between the two cease there. Designed for those who prefer to fire and forget, sit back, and watch the scatters fly, Jungle Gorilla is Pragmatic Play’s more basic slot.

The function itself has value, but does it lack anything vital? Perhaps a bonus game round where multipliers went beyond the usual x5? An x5 multiplier can appear on a reel that remains stationary for multiple rounds, taking damage from useless further scatters. Just picture it piling up a huge multiplier as you wait, ready to be used to your advantage.

Occasionally, a hit worth 100 to 250 times as much would occur out of nowhere, and that was a good sign. Testing, however, often felt like a never-ending descent into monetary ruin. Be mercurial, fortune, as Juliet urged, and you’ll find happiness in Jungle Gorilla. Pragmatic Play reports an overall potential of up to 2,800 times the bet, with a cap on single line wins of 500x. A respectable total given the constraints.

Playing Jungle Gorilla might be more enjoyable at a leisurely pace. That way, you can savor the growing multipliers and the spine-tingling anticipation of finally using them. If you’re the type of player who likes to get things done quickly or who favors a higher level of complexity, however, you should avoid Jungle Gorilla at all costs.






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