Why Gunnison?

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, about 2 hours east of Grand Junction and 3 hours west of Denver, lies a small running jewel called Gunnison, Colorado. Visit Gunnison, and you’ll be treated to some of the best outdoor recreation this planet has to offer.

Single Track Heaven!

The Gunnison Valley is home to the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, thus trails abound for bikers, runners and hikers.

Limited Registration!

Race is limited to first 350 combined registrants for 25k and 50k.

This event is known to fill up quick!

Visit Gunnison Valley

Gunnison towers at 7,700 feet elevation, making it the perfect place for some good old-fashioned altitude training. Come check out our miles of high mountain desert trails under nearly constant sunshine (at least 300 days a year).

Gunnison, Colorado and the Sage Burner Trail Run is not only a unique part of the valley, but also voted best recreation center in the world! Learn more...